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KaLi4NiA!!! [entries|friends|calendar]

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[16 May 2006|11:48am]

[ mood | blank ]

this place is dead...

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[08 Nov 2005|01:24am]

[ mood | wassup wassup ]

wow nobody writes in here anymore... but i just wanted to say wussup to the peoples.. so. hi. holla at me or i'l holla at you.... watever. one.

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Hi [24 Jul 2005|12:36am]

I have just moved to Danville from Petaluma due to my dad's duties as a Marine. Besides the soccer moms in their Yuppy short buses (AKA Hummers), what should I expect?  
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[26 Sep 2004|12:18am]
x-posted for a friend.

please take the time to view this and help in anyway you can.
thank you for the time you took to read this post.
goodnight everyone.
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[27 Jul 2004|10:35pm]
i just moved here (to citrus heights from CHICO), i haven't got many friends in the area.
if anyone would like to help me out with that, AIM sn is: herheartwentboom

also, if you get a chance, check my info to read my interests. it's pretty hard to get to know me from that but it might give you a small idea.
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[27 Jul 2004|10:28pm]
hey.. i just moved here from chico, and I was wondering, who knows where I can get a job?

-i'm under 18 (17 and half).
-the only experiance i have is office experiance.

i'm in citrus heights.

just about anything will do. i am desperate.
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[21 Jun 2004|05:32pm]
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SPREAD THIS SHIT LIKE CANCER! [08 Jun 2004|10:48pm]

right click. save picture. print. copy. spread this shit like cancer. PLEASE. Thee Imposters and Neutron Bomb are good friends of mine. They are punk bands from chico, and awesome people. We really neeed help getting the word out so that we can make this show as big as possible, especially since they aren't even from sacramento and this isn't a well known venue. WE NEED YOUR HELP! spread the word about this show!!!!!



(ps- sorry for x-posting)

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Bored at 1 am. [31 May 2004|01:13am]

All I have to say is don't move to Danville.... I liked Berkeley much more. And also, you look like this person I went to elementary school with at Green Valley.
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yooo [25 Apr 2004|09:00pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

YOOO JENNY MY ONLY MEMBER OF THIS THING! just wanted to say hello. everyone should join this even though we only started it today....but it will be awesome and if you join you can be a part of a HUGE scavenger hunt game where you win lots of money!! so join and ask about it !

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